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What you'll learn when you join the recovery after stroke community

  • Why a better nights sleep must become a priority and how to improve your sleep
  • Which foods you should avoid after stroke and why, as well as the foods you should begin to consume to support healing your brain.
  • How to support the brain to create new neural path ways that may assist in decreasing the severity of deficits
  • How your mindset may be interfering in your recovery
  • The benefits of discovering your purpose and how that helps in healing after stroke
  • How to harness the intelligence of your heart and gut to achieve more wellbeing after stroke and much more.

Who Is It For

1 in 6 people will have a stroke in their lifetime. In many western countries stroke is the leading cause of disability. If this is you or someone you know, then you are in the right place. Whether you are recently recovering from stroke or several years post stroke there is something here that may help you either feel better or be better. Studies have shown that isolation may play a role in decreasing the pace by which recovery can occur. If you feel isolated, if you feel like nobody else understands you, if you feel alone in your recovery journey, consider joining this community it may be the difference that makes a difference for you.

For Individuals
Who Had Stroke

If you are like most people who have experienced stroke, you will know that recovery doesn’t end when you leave hospital. That’s when the true path to recovery starts. You already know that looking for tools and services to support you on your recovery can be a very time consuming and taxing on energy levels. This community brings together other stroke survivors, expert guests, the latest research from around the globe and one on one coaching with Bill to help guide you on your journey.

For Relatives Of Individuals Who Had Stroke

It’s likely true, that before your loved one experienced stroke, you had no idea what stroke was and how it changes lives. Suddenly you have become a carer and now stroke has also changed your life. The Recovery After Stroke community offers support for carers as well. If you feel like you can't do it alone, would like an insight from other survivors that are further along that your loved one may be or just need some general guidance, you may benefit from joining the community. You will get access to all areas of the community and personal coaching by Bill.

Medical Practitioners And Therapists

Are you a medical practitioner or therapist working with stroke survivors? Do you have skills that may be helpful to people that are recovering after stroke? If so, then Bill would like to hear from you. The recovery after stroke community is always looking for passionate people that want to help. Send Bill an email to discuss opportunities that exist within the membership to support, stroke survivors and their carers.

What Do People Think About This Membership

What Do You Get For Joining

  • You get private, one-on-one coaching with Bill Gasiamis via a private forum thread inside the members area.
  • You have instant access to online training materials, expert interviews, training videos, PDF documents and audio files.
  • You can access the site 24 hour a day, 7 day a week and complete training at your own pace and without needing to leave home.
  • You get access to member only, monthly group live training calls on topics related to healing the brain and strategies to manage your deficits.
  • You can harness the support of a community that understands you and can relate to what you are experiencing.
Full Webinar Access

Member only access to live monthly training. New topics related to stroke recovery and healing the brain every month. Discussions

Reliable And Supportive Community

You get our own personal, private coaching thread in the members only section, access to many other forum threads related to healing the brain and conversations about mindset, meditation, the latest research findings and many more.

Exclusive Resources

Your own personal, private coaching thread in the members only section
Member only access to live monthly training. Can't make the live call? For as long as you remain a member, you will have ongoing access to the replay so you can watch it in your own time.

About Bill Gasiamis

In February 2012, Bill Gasiamis was a busy father with two teenage kids and the owner of a successful property maintenance company.

Bill Gasiamis experienced three Hemorrhagic strokes in as many years and brain surgery at age 40. Using strategies he discovered through trial and error, he was able to complement his medical treatment and surprise his doctors and occupational therapists with the speed of his recovery.

As a result, Bill made permanent changes to his lifestyle that made him happier and healthier than ever before. Bill now works to empower stroke survivors to recover faster and build a new, more inspired and healthier life.

Bill's Story

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why did you create this Membership Program?

When I was recovering from three brain bleeds and then brain surgery I often felt that a lot of my questions remained unanswered. My wife who cared for me was also lacking assistance when we went home and was not qualified to suddenly become a carer of a stroke survivor.

I strongly feel that, no one should go through what my wife an I went through without support and understanding.

My goal is that stroke survivors and their carers from all over the world will suffer less by joining Recovery After Stroke Membership

Is the content available straight away or is it time-released?

Content is available immediately and there is much of it already posted in the various forum threads.

Will you be adding new content, or is everything there already?

Content will continue to be added, as new research that supports stroke recovery is released, new topics of interest emerge and at the beginning of each month there will be a live webinar exclusive to forum members only.

Why should I become a member today instead of waiting?

There is no right time to get started healing after stroke, except for right now. The longer you wait, the longer your journey may take. You may be wanting to get back to work or drive again, whatever you want to do, consider this quote from Albert Einstein "We can not solve our problems with the same level of thinking that created them" JOIN NOW.

Do I need to physically go to any of the courses?

The hardest part for me in the early days of recovery was, that I did not have the energy to make long trips to get to and from all my appointments.

Because fatigue and deficits can make it difficult for stroke survivors to attend a public gathering, all the content will always only be made available via the website.

What happens if I decide to cancel my membership?

Well, I will be sad to see you go, but if you really must go, then you will receive a full refund of the membership price that you paid. Cancellations are only available in the first 30 days after joining. Beyond the first 30 days refunds are not available to you.